Frequently Asked Questions for Jason Elsmore Plumbing

Do you do emergency service?
Not usually. We typically work within normal business hours.
Do you work on new construction?
No, we work on established buildings
Can you fix a slowly leaking faucet?
Yes, but, in some cases, it’s more cost effective to replace it. Often, it depends on the age and availability of replacement parts.
Do we need to be at home for you to perform plumbing services?
It all depends on the job, but more often than not I can do the work while you're at work, which helps makes your life and busy schedule a little easier. 
Can you really flush deposable cleaning products?
NO! These can get caught in the toilet and cause major clogs and backups. (Baby wipes, cleaning brushes, tampons, etc.)
Can I dump cat litter in the toilet?
NO! We don’t care WHAT the bag says.
What is safe to put in the garbage disposal, what is not safe?
Coffee Grounds, pasta, egg shells, (if you must, keep flushed with a LOT of water), potato peals, anything with starch… carrots for some reason.
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in a clogged drain?
False teeth, toys, dixie cups,anti-theft packaging, etc.
Ewe! It fell in the potty. Can I flush it?
No! PUT ON A PAIR OF RUBBER GLOVES and grab it…It’s dirty, but it will be even dirty if your toilet overflows.
How frequently should I change water filters?
Change these every three to six months depending on usage.
What are your hours?
8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.
How can I get rid of orders in my garbage disposal?
If your garbage disposal is stinky, try using some Baking Soda.
My toilet is rocking- can I tighten up the bolts myself?
It depends. If do it, you may end up breaking the toilet or flange. The toilet needs to be reset.
I have a smell in my unused drain…what’s going on?
Your trap and/or pipes could have completely dried out…this might be allowing sewer gas into your home. You should pour a cup of water in the drain. lf you are winterizing, try RV antifreeze.
How do I connect my sump pump overflow to my septic tank or sewer line?
Legally you can’t. In addition, it will fill up your drain field.
Why do my pipe rattle when I turn on my faucet?
Pipes are no secured well and they are rattle against walls etc when subjected to water pressure (sometimes known as water hammer?)
Copper Water Pipe vs. Plastic?
It’s a long story. There are pros and cons to each. How much time do you have?
How should I choose a toilet?
Do your research, we suggest you check out on-line reviews, etc. If you would like, drop us an email from our contact page.