Toilet Installation & Tiolet Repair in Rochester, MN 55901

A newly installed white Toto comfort height toilet and simple but elegant vanityElsmore Plumbing is the best in the business when it comes to toilet installation and repair. Whether it's water-savings, optimal ergonomic design, superior flushing technology, long-lasting quality, or any combination of considerations, we are expertly trained to help you decide if it's best to repair or replace your existing toilet.

If you're building or remodeling your home or office, please take a look at our gallery to see some examples of the work we've done. We'd love to help you create the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams! 

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Benefits of a new toilet :

  • Greater water efficiency
  • Improved flushing effectiveness
  • Increased comfort with comfort height toilets 
  • Decreased risk of problems like leaks
  • Better aesthetics


For more information, call us today at (507) 254-8680 and we will be happy to answer your questions about installing the right toilet for you.