How to Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter

on Nov 01, 2019

As Midwesterners, we’re proud of our ability to tolerate very cold temperatures in the dead of winter. We know how to take proper precautions by wearing extra layers, starting our cars early, sealing up windows, and so on. But just because we know to how to prepare for the bitter cold, doesn’t mean that our pipes do. Pipes are at risk of freezing when subzero temperatures hit. We’ve put together a list to help you take the necessary steps to prevent frozen pipes this winter.

Cold Weather Tips for Homeowners

  • Keep the heat on, especially if you’re away for the weekend or a vacation.

  • Close your garage door.

  • Disconnect garden hoses and connectors from outside faucets.

  • Open cabinets (under the kitchen and bathroom sinks) to warm up the pipes.

  • Fill in gaps or any openings where pipes run through the wall.

  • Ensure your house is insulated well, especially in areas where there is plumbing.

There are a number of things you can do on your own to help prevent pipes from freezing. However, some projects should be left up to the professionals. If you find yourself in a position where your frozen pipes have burst, don’t panic. Call a residential plumbing service company like Elsmore Plumbing for assistance. A plumbing service technician has the expertise and knowledge to address the problem and find a customized solution. For a long-term solution to prevent frozen pipes, call our team at Elsmore Plumbing. Our professional plumbers will assess your situation and give our recommendations for next steps.