Plumbing tip: Treat your toilet well

on Dec 10, 2017

Seriously though, caring for your toilet is no joke. Your porcelain throne is the cornerstone of your bathroom plumbing. It's used on a daily basis, so you need to ensure it's got a clean bill of health. Not properly caring for your toilet leads to water damage and the deterioration of components. This ultimately results in you having to shell out your hard-earned greenbacks (it's generally not cheap). That's exactly what we hope to prevent.Clogged toilet problems in Rochester, MN

We're here to tell you that the old adage, "if it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down..." isn't the best advice. While we're all in favor of not wasting money and water, going long periods without flushing causes calcium build-up like what you see in the image to the right. This build-up could end up causing drainage problems that result in damage. The expensive repairs will likely cost you MUCH more than the amount you've saved in water costs. 

If you're serious about water conservation and your budget's bottom line, there are many great ways to save without creating costly damage. One way is by installing a high-efficiency toilet. If you live in Rochester, make sure to check out the Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) rebate program which currently enables you to save $50 off of a high-efficiency toilet. 

Speaking of mellow, don't put cleaning tablets in your toilet tank. Using them will void all warranties for your toilet. Toilet tank tablets contain harmful chemicals that hang out in your tank and destroy the rubber components (they're kind of like the teenagers of the cleaning product world). You'll end up with costly water leaks and prolonged use can cause even more damage that will likely require full replacement of your toilet! We suggest only using cleaning products in the bowl.

It's all about that toilet TLC! 

Corroded toilet tank not flushing properly in Rochester, MN